Abigail Rug | Surya

          Playful and fun, this rug from Surya will add a lot of character in any room.                 PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL OR CALL 888.446.6060 Request Information:   

Naya| Surya

          This beautiful rug offers a wonderful design and a gorgeous pattern. It has great colors, and will add art on the floor for any room.  It also could be used as wall art.  It is available in many sizes.              Sizes: 2 w    3L … More Naya| Surya

Banshee Rug | Surya

        This beautiful area rug will provide a pop of color in any room. It also could be used as wall art.  It is available in many sizes and other colors.             Sizes: 2 w    3L      $129 3’3w  5’3L    $349 5’w   8′ … More Banshee Rug | Surya

Riley | Surya

          This area rug is so fun and playful.  Available in different sizes and shapes.  Subtle and simple design,  yet stunning pattern.  This area rug will bring character to any room.              Sizes: 2 w    3’3L   $49 4’w  5’5L   $99 5’3w  7’6″  $149 … More Riley | Surya

Serenade | Surya

          Stunning color palette on this handsome rug. Availalable in five different options of color. This will definitely add a pop of color in any room and art to your floor.                Sizes: 2 w    3L      $169 3’3w  5’3L    $499 5’w … More Serenade | Surya

Forum| Surya

        This area rug will add a whimsical theme to any room. The round circles add character and the colors add interest. Will be stunning in any room no matter what size you chose.  Many sizes available, as well as a couple of different color ways. Different shapes available square, rectangular, and … More Forum| Surya