Molly | Koiner

      MOLLY is convincingly attractive with  clean lines and stylish design.  Even more fun  and eye catching in a whimsical color.  This extremely comfortable sofa will be dazzling in any room of your home.     Molly   Three sizes available:  92w  |  84w  |   76w     36h     35d       PLEASE … More Molly | Koiner

JoJo | Koiner

      The JoJo Relaxer will provide hours of comfort.  Allows you to feel a swaying/rocking motion.  The modern day rocking chair.   Beautiful design offers an artistic and  creative element to any room in your home.     JoJo    28w    70d    28h   PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL … More JoJo | Koiner

Mellow | Koiner

      Its sweeping lines create delightful curves and gives this unique furnishing a visual quality that is really quite exceptional. The chic sword base frame adds the final touch to what is a thoroughly elegant furnishing, whose overall appearance is highly expressive and absolutely extravagant.     Very-casual upholstery is extremely comfortable to … More Mellow | Koiner

Como | Verikon

    This amazingly comfortable Como chair from Verikon sits well and looks appealing. Small footprint allows this to work in many spaces in your home.           Como   26w   43h   PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL OR CALL 888.446.6060   Request Information  

Party | Pinnacle

  Thanks to its finely sculpted arms and backs, emphasized with supple leather trim, Party makes a bold contemporary statement.   Whatever modular personality you select, it cleverly adapts to any room comfortably.  Party is available in fabric or leather, with leather seats and trim.       PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY … More Party | Pinnacle

Wide Open | Pinnacle

    Thanks to the innovative shape and bold structure, this style redefines contemporary.  As a sofa or sectional configuration, it gives new meaning to the word destination.   The unique ottoman selections provide seating with lounge appeal and design flexibility.  The Wide Open by Normand Couture will sure to be pleasing in any room. … More Wide Open | Pinnacle

Lugano | Lazar

    This beautiful sofa is graceful with it’s curves as it is long for plenty of seating.  This 180″ sofa will fill up any living room. Available in many different fabrics as well as leather. Other configurations also available, as well as a chair.  Please inquiry for more information.    Lugano sofa (as shown) 180″ … More Lugano | Lazar

Tango | Lazar

    Graceful and beautiful is this lovely chaise by Lazar.  The Tango, mixes fun and comfort to any bedroom or living room.  Spend many hours reading a book, or sipping some wine.  Either way, you will be very comfortable in this piece.   Starting price $1599.00 for base fabric.  Many grades of fabric available … More Tango | Lazar

Flirt | Lazar

   This Whimsical sofa called Flirt will bring delight to any room.  This looks great in any color, especially this lipstick red color. Available in many different fabric options.   Starting fabric price $2399  97″ 39″ 37″   PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL OR CALL 888.446.6060   Request Information  

Flipper Sectional | Luonto

 The Flipper is a great collection that is both versatile, practical, and beautiful. This collection has different sizes including a sofa, loveseat, and a chair. Also available is an optional metal leg.           Sofa sleeper  89w  40d  35h   Retail $3155   Our Price  (Starting at) $2199 Sofa (no sleeper) Retail $2006  … More Flipper Sectional | Luonto

Monika | Luonto

      The Monika by Luonto is a great sleeper.   Luonto sofas are made in Finland and are ecological. They are made with materials that are organic, recycled or recyclable. Luonto makes a great sofa with a minimal ecological footprint.               Luonto uses environmentally friendly, natural and recycleable … More Monika | Luonto

Fantasy | Luonto

    The great Fantasy sofa by Luonto is a sleeper-sofa bed.                      Sofa Sleeper size 90w 38d  35h.  Retail  $3012  Our Price (Starting at) $2099 Loveseat  57w 38d  35h  Retail $1953 Our Price (Starting at)  $1361 Chair  33w   38d   35h  Retail $1405  Our … More Fantasy | Luonto

Amber Sectional | Schillig

    Contemporary styling with curvaceous elements makes the Amber perfect for everyday conversations.   The soft, rollover back and teardrop arm welcome you home and ease away the edge from the day.     Amber Sectional Starting at (as shown) in fabric $5749    Our Price $4099 Leather Starting At (as shown)  MSAP $7099  Our … More Amber Sectional | Schillig

In Flight | Pinnacle

  A classic shaped revisited, In Flight appears to float over any surface. Offering the choice of two different seat depths within the same configuration,  In Flight will surround you, your family, and friends in comfort.  The choice is yours whether in all fabric, all leather or mix it up with both.  Leg is brushed … More In Flight | Pinnacle

Mason | Elran

        Relax and put your feet up with this reclining sofa and single chair by Elran.  Available in leather or fabric, with plenty of selections for both.           PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL OR CALL 888.446.6060   Request Information  

Cuddle | Pinnacle

    Cuddle, an appropriate name for a soft sculptured style, welcomes you and invites you in.   Float Cuddle in the middle of the room for a view from every angle, and enjoy its graceful curves and sheer elegance. Thanks to the unique attention given to the details, discover a style that unmistakably redefines … More Cuddle | Pinnacle

Sunset Sofa | Gamma

      The Sunset collection,  just like a chameleon transforms itself to suit every contemporary style. The unique design on the backs of this sofa allows you to change the seat depth to conform to any person.  What a great design by this company Gamma.             PLEASE CONTACT US … More Sunset Sofa | Gamma

Fimon | Theca

      The Fimon sofa by Theca offers a classic Scandinavian design.   Clean lines, and tufted cushions all make for a beautiful and comfortable sofa.  Available in fabric and leather.  Wood leg options are Ash and smoked oak.     #3331    3 Seater    82    32      31   (starting … More Fimon | Theca

Burnley | Theca

    A combination of classic Scandinavian comfort and design.  The sharp lines of the frame combined with the firm cushion, gives the sofa a classic appearance.  Legs are available in metal or wood, fabric and leather available.     Burnley Sofa   #3221    81.5    34   31.5h   (starting at)   $1049 … More Burnley | Theca

Tirano | Theca

    Tirano is a new Scandinavian design.  A slender sofa but still comfy looking. Tirano has thick exclusive Leather sides, wood legs and solid construction.  Many fabrics to choose from.  Leather sides are cognac with white oak legs,   or black leather with black ash wood legs.           Tirano 3331 … More Tirano | Theca

Moonshadow | W. Schillig

The Moonshadow illustrates furniture in motion.  The pivot ottoman allows you to entertain a few or as many guests as desired, while the soft curves and beautiful lines make this a modern classic. View MoonshadowSpecSheet     55930     As Shown   (Starting at fabric)  MSRP $5500 OUR PRICE $3999 MSRP $6849   OUR PRICE   $4999 … More Moonshadow | W. Schillig

Mia Sectional | W Schillig

The Mia Sectional from W Schillig offers adjustable headrests and arms for the perfect fit.  Choose from free standing or sectional configurations in fabric or leather.   View Mia Spec Sheet   52575   As Shown      (Starting at Fabric) MSRP $5780 OUR PRICE $4199      (Starting at Leather) MSRP $7249   OUR PRICE $5299. … More Mia Sectional | W Schillig

Primanti | W Schillig

The Primanti Collection from W Schillig features superior design and comfort.  Moving armrests offer additional seating or the perfect place to rest your head. Choose from free standing or sectional pieces. View Primanti Spec Sheet     52573 Sofa/Bumper Chaise    (Starting at fabric) MSRP $5509   OUR PRICE $3979 (Starting at Leather) MSRP $6840   OUR … More Primanti | W Schillig

Expo | Jaymar

The Expo from Jaymar’s Platinum Collection features curved pieces to create the perfect conversation area.  Choose from their beautiful fabrics or leathers. View Expo Spec Sheet Expo Config A     177w   99d   34h   MSRP $8599. OUR PRICE $6499. starting in Fabric. Leather starting at Retail $13299.  Our Price $9969.     Please inquire … More Expo | Jaymar

Sutton Sectional | Jaymar

  The Sutton Collection from Jaymar features countless configurations for any space.  Choose from free standing or sectional pieces in fabric or leather. View Sutton Spec Sheet   048/050/061  106w  133l  MSRP $6799 OUR PRICE $5099 starting fabric or MSRP $8999 OUR PRICE $6749. in starting Leather   PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL … More Sutton Sectional | Jaymar

Mondovi | Theca

    Mondovi is a lightweight design with unique design aesthetic.  The loose cushions, light frame and perfectly proportioned seat cushion are all part of the timeless design. Available as a sectional or free standing pieces, with eleven configurations in fabric or leather.       0051 Sofa/Chaise    91w      126l     … More Mondovi | Theca

Bristol Sofa | Theca

The Bristol features a combination of classic Scandinavian comfort and design.  The sharp lines of the frame combined with the soft cushions gives the sofa a classic appearance. Available in fabric and leather with your choice of wood or metal leg. 3221 Sofa  90w 34d 32h $1099 Fabric  (Starting at Grade 1)| $1899 Leather 2521 … More Bristol Sofa | Theca

Baseline | Eilersen

The Baseline from Eilersen features deep cushions for the ultimate in comfort.  Moving back and neck pillows allow for everyone to have the best seat in the house.  Choose from stocked fabrics for a quick ship delivery or special order from any of Eilersen’s fabrics or leathers. View Baseline Spec Sheet     Baseline  118l … More Baseline | Eilersen

Playground | Eilersen

The Playground Sofa by Eilersen features movable back cushions for ultimate comfort that are completely removeable for sleeping.  Choose from Eilersen’s large assortment of Danish fabrics and leathers.   View Playground Spec Sheet         Playground    45 x 83    MSRP $4097      Our Price (Starting at ) $2732 Stocked in … More Playground | Eilersen

Artek Sectional | Lazar

The Artek Sectional by Lazar features beautiful curves that are stunning from any view.  Choose from a variety of fabrics and leathers for the seats, backs and pillows. Made in the USA by Lazar Industries View Artek Spec Sheet Artek Sectional as shown MSRP $7770 OUR PRICE $5599 PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY … More Artek Sectional | Lazar

Dorian | Nicoletti

This beautiful sofa chaise has very clean lines and is a simple yet stylish design.         Dorian Sofa/Chaise    121″    63″  As Shown MSRP  $3099   OUR PRICE (starting at in fabric)   $2499 | $4399 OUR PRICE $3499 (Starting at in Leather)   PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY … More Dorian | Nicoletti

Crescent Sofa | Innovations

  The Crescent Sofa / Sleeper from Innovation designed by Per Weiss.           Crescent 91w 35d 27h | Sleep Surface 55 x 91 $2520 (Starting at) PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL OR CALL 888.446.6060 Request Information: 

Splitback Sofa | Innovations

Splitback Sofa / Sleeper from Innovations.  Designed by Per Weiss. Splitback As Shown 95w 35h 31h | Sleep Surface 45 x 93 $1785 (Starting at) PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL OR 888.446.6060 Request Information:       

Danish Daybed | Hestbaek

The Hestbaek #53 Sleeper is perfect for small spaces.  Made in Denmark, it features compact design with small arms and enough sleep surface for two.  Choose from their great selection of Danish fabrics. 53 Sofa/Sleeper     62w      37d    32h | Sleep Surface 59w 72l MSRP $2399 OUR PRICE $1899 (Starting at) PLEASE … More Danish Daybed | Hestbaek

Blues | Saxo Living

The Blues Collection from Saxo Living features classic Danish design in fabric or leather.  Choose from a variety of configurations with metal or wood leg options.   BL 2.5P 86w 36d 32h   (Starting at Fabric)  MSRP $3899 OUR PRICE $2599 PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL OR CALL 888.446.6060 Request Information:   


The Wynona from Palliser is available as a free standing Sofa, Loveseat and Chair as well as sectional options.  Choose from their huge assortment of fabrics and leathers with either a metal or wood leg. View Wynona Spec Sheet       01 Sofa 94w 40d 34h $1399 (Starting at)  Fabric | $2299  (Starting at) … More Wynona|Palliser

Anton Sofa | DellaRobbia

  The Anton Sofa Collection from Dellarobbia USA View Anton Spec Sheet       AC2091 Sofa MSRP $6813 OUR PRICE (Starting at) $5399 AC2091 Loveseat MSRP $5304  OUR PRICE  (Starting at) $4243 PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL OR CALL 888.446.6060 Request Information: 

Victor Sectional | Gamma

    This gorgeous Italian made sofa is called Victor. Victor is an elegant design that turns simple lines into authentic timeless class forms. It is comfortable and quality combined. Simply stunning Many pieces are available in this collection. Many configurations can be formed according to your space availability.     PLEASE CONTACT US FOR … More Victor Sectional | Gamma

Jack Sofa| Gamma

        Beautiful sofa/sectional is stunning in design and style.  This company is all about taste and quality. Available many sizes of free standing sofas or many different configurations.              PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL OR CALL 888.446.6060   Request Information  

Crossover Sofa | Gamma

    The detail in this sofa is undeniably the most fascinating, gorgeous work from the Italian company Gamma.  The two tone color and the details on this design is exquisite. Sure to be a winner in your home.   Many sizes available as well as shapes.  Sure to be able to find you just … More Crossover Sofa | Gamma